Valentines Day Gift Guide: For Her

HAPPY LOVE MONTH! I absolutely love February because it is full of all things love and Valentines Day .. and because of extra snow days with a good cup of coffee..or two. Everyone knows that Valentines Day is a day to show some extra love and appreciation for those special people in your life, whether you have a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or family member, you can always celebrate and do something nice. GIRL, you don’t need a man to do anything involving Valentines Day. Haha! I put together some sweet, thoughtful gifts that any girl in your life would love as a gift.

1. Graphic tee. Always a good way to go..this one is on maj sale for $12!

2. Kendra Scott necklace. These are just too gorgeous and the perfect piece to go with anything. I have always wanted one of these but I have yet to get one! It would be the best gift.

3. Amazing Grace perfume. This is my ALL. TIME. FAVORITE. perfume. I adore it. It just smells so sweet and pretty. The roller ball is a great option as well! This gift set is $57 and and one bottle is originally $54 for the normal size, so this is a DEAL. I also love this scent because it lasts on you all day!

4. Kate Spade bangle. I give this bracelet the “Cutest Bangle” award!!

5. Topshop Lips in the color “Innocent”Sweet, small, and simple….and the perfect lip color.

6. Bow & Drape pillow. The best pillow ever.

7. Aerie bralettes. Aerie has to be one of my favorite stores! I love their collections and all their comfy clothes. I own a couple of their bralettes and they are just so comfy. Right now they are ALL.. yes ALL..on sale for $15! Great gift for your girlfriends, sisters, or your mom!

8. Rose facial spray. I love getting little gifts like this because they things sometimes we wouldn’t think to buy for ourselves normally.

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